Schools Across Walker's Wisconsin Face Massive Teacher Shortages in 2016 As Educators Flee Low Pay & Terrible Working Conditions

Did you know that Walker's Wisconsin is: 

  • One of only 6 states in America where teachers do not have the right to collectively bargain over benefits, working conditions, and all aspects of pay.


  • One of only 3 states in America where there are no tenure protections for experienced teachers. Almost every teacher in Wisconsin is now what was known as a probationary teacher before Act 10  for their entire career and can be fired without a defensible reason.


  • The ONLY state in America where all teachers have no tenure protections AND do not have the right to collectively bargain for fair treatment or reasonable job security.


Teachers are fleeing this toxic combination of working conditions created by Governor Walker's Politics of Resentment. Teachers of all ages, from the Milleanials to the Baby Boomers are resigning their positions and fleeing Walker's Wisconsin for other states in America where there isn't as much hatred towards teachers as the level of scorn created by Governor Walker's Politics of Resentment.

Since the passage of Act 10, our group has been tracking the changes to working conditions, compensation, and teacher evaluation practices that school districts across Wisconsin have made. Some school districts have closely involved their local education associations in the design and scope of these changes, while far too many school districts have imposed draconian changes in pay and working conditions with no input from teachers. 

Besides educating our readers on the teaching conditions in Walker's Wisconsin, we hope that teachers and parents will use this website to identify the school districts that are still great places to work; where the local teachers association input has been listened to and has been a part of significant decisions that impact teacher's lives and working conditions. The quality of the schools is a major consideration of choosing a community in which to live. We think that parents should know which school districts are great places to teach, places where teachers are treated as professionals and are supported in making the best decisions possible to provide a quality educational experience for all students.

Given the advance knowledge that a school district has a turnover rate of 10-20% or even higher (as some of the really bad districts now have), a Superintendent and School Board that literally treat teachers as inferior peons,  a district where there is the constant turmoil of teachers being fired or suspended for the most minor infraction, we think that most teachers and parents would avoid districts like this at all costs. That's why we created this website; to tell the true stories of both the good and terrible places to live and teach in Walker's Wisconsin.


Please go to the District Information pages to find:


  • The district  that is actively recruiting new teachers with the promise of a career salary schedule with a $75,000 maximum salary, but fails to mention that it will take a new hire 60 YEARS to reach that salary.
  • The district with a salary system where over 95% of the teachers hired in the past five years will never earn more than about $50,000 in today's dollars.
  • The district where district administration recommended the termination of a teacher with nearly 20 years of outstanding teaching based on ONE complaint from a parent. Learn more about how this district suspended an excellent teacher and prevented her from defending her reputation while the District Superintendent trashed her reputation as a guest on several right wing AM radio talk shows. 
  • The districts that overwhelm their teachers with crushing workload requirements, no prep time, and also  require 2 SLO's, 2 PPG's, and a full summative evaluation each year.


We will be working throughout the summer to add  districts from across Wisconsin to the District Information pages.

If you would like to add a District page for your district,  please use the Contact Us tab on the Home page to send us an email. Include your email address and we will send you a fillable survey form to complete.

Our goal is to eventually have a District Information page for every school district in Wisconsin.


We hope you find the information on this website useful in finding a great school district to teach in, whether that district is in Wisconsin, or in another state where teachers are truly valued for the contribution they make towards the future.



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