New District Information Pages to be Added in August 2015

In about one week, we will begin publishing detailed information about how some school districts in southeastern Wisconsin have treated their teachers since Governor Scott Walker eliminated collective bargaining in 2011.  Eventually, we will have information for up to 50 school districts in southeastern Wisconsin on this website. 

Volunteers have compiled hundreds of pages of information from many southeastern Wisconsin school districts, and distilled that information into an easily understood format so that current and prospective teachers can compare practices and policiies for many school districts in southeastern Wisconsin.

We will publish a significant amount of information about how many southeastern Wisconsin school districts have treated their teachers in the Post Act 10 world. Visitors to this website will learn which District Administrators have a track record of pursuing non-renewal of veteran teachers without giving the teachers the opportunity to improve, which school districts have laid off highly experienced veteran teachers and retained lower paid beginning teachers, which districts have adopted career salary schedules based on education and experience. These are just a few examples of the material that we will be publishing on this website.

If you are a K12 teacher seeking employment, you already know that the employment market in Wisconsin is a sellers market.  Thanks to Governor Walker's signature anti-teacher legislation, Act 10, there are literally thousands of full time teacher vacancies available in school districts across Wisconsin. A number of teaching candidates have job offers from multiple SE Wisconsin school districts and have contacted us in the last few weeks asking for information about several districts in SE Wisconsin to help them decide WHICH job offer they should accept. Until we finally get all the district webpages published, we are happy to answer inquiries about specific districts that we have information for.

One frequent question that we receive is "Which districts are the best ones to work for in SE Wisconsin"? We don't even attempt to answer that question because the definintion of "best district" is different for every teacher. All districts have their plusses and minuses.

One thing we do share is that there is a core group of districts in SE Wisconsin that have treated their teachers with respect throughout the last four years. These districts generally have minimal turnover and when someone DOES resign, these districts have dozens of high quality applicants for the open positions. All of these districts have retained career salary schedules that give every teacher in the district the opportunity to earn the maximum salary on the schedule. These top tier districts include Arrowhead School District, South Milwaukee School District, Greendale School District, and the Shorewood School District.  These districts are generally great places to work and build a career in because they value and reward dedicated, highly talented experienced teachers. We may be adding several other local districts to this list pending returned survey information for the 2015-16 school year.

Thank you for visiting and please come back in a week or so as we begin publishing the information for school districts across southeastern Wisconsin.


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