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The Franklin School District is located in the southwestern part of Milwaukee County. The community of Franklin is an upper middle class suburb. Since 2011, the Franklin School District administration and School Board have agggressively used Act 10 make teaching and working conditions for teachers very challenging. The Franklin school district implemented a merit based salary system where advancement to higher levels of pay are based solely on whether your principal likes you or not. Totally subjective and unfair. 90% of the teachers in Franklin have a career maximum salary of $50,000 in this system, with only 1 in 20 being selected to be able to earn a maximum salary of $60,000.

With increasing numbers of teachers fleeing this repressive salary "system", Franklin has promised to implement a new, objective career salary system, but has not done so, blaming the Covid19 pandemic for not making the promised changes in 2021. We urge all prospective employees to carefully consider Franklin's track record since 2011 of how it's treated teachers in evaluating whether to pursue one of Franklin's many posted job vacancies on WECAN.

Salary Comparison

2010-2011 Average Teacher Salary2019-2020 Average Teacher Salary2010-2011 Superintendent Salary2019-2020 Superintendent Salary
1. This district has a written system for career salary advancement that is objective, predictable, and attainable by all teachers.
1. Before deciding to non-renew or terminate a teacher, this district always gives significant advance notice of any deficiencies and the opportunity and support to improve their performance
2. This district has a seniority based layoff procedure, rather than unpredictable subjective judgment.
3. This district has recall rights for teachers to return to their jobs after being laid off.
4. This district has "just cause" language for teacher discipline, non-renewal, and termination
5. This district allows teachers to appeal discipline, non-renewal, and termination decisions to an impartial arbitrator or judge.
1. This district provides time and resources on scheduled in-service days to help teachers meet state and district educator accountability requirements, including SLO's and PPG's.
2. This district has reduced or eliminated teacher preparation time.
3. This district has increased the length of the teacher work day without additional compensation.
4. This district has increased the number of required work days in the contracted year without additional compensation.
5. This district has made significant changes to health insurance benefits that have negatively impacted teachers by requiring either higher co-pays and premiums and/or reductions in scope and level of coverage.
6. This district has reduced or eliminated teacher retirement benefits promised to teachers as an incentive for remaining in this district for their career.
7. This district has reduced or eliminated sick leave benefits and/or accumulated sick leave.

Health Insurance Comparison (lowest cost plan) - Family

Wisconsin Governor % Walker 2018Presidential Election % Trump 2016Presidential Election % Trump 2020

Comparison of Average Teacher Pay versus Superintendent Pay

Average Teacher Pay% ChangeSuperintendent Pay% Change
$4112 increase6.6%$22,475 increase14%

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