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After three years of collecting data to complete the District Information pages that will form the backbone of this website, we have come to the conclusion that we will never be finished, that the pages in the District Information section will always be "in progress".

Over the next few weeks, we are going to begin publishing the District Information pages that we have developed, no matter how much or how little information they contain. Our #1 goal will always be that all information on a District page is 100% accurate. If a website user finds an error on a District Information page, upon being provided the correct information, we will immediately make the necessary corrections on our District page to reflect the updated information. Current and future teachers will be using our website to make informed decisions regarding their teaching careers.

Each District Information page will be able to present the following information about a school district:

Survey Highlights:  3 critical pieces of information

1.  Does this district have a career salary schedule that is predictive and objective?

2.  Does every teacher in this district have the opportunity to earn the maximum salary?

3.  Does this district terminate teachers or pursue non-renewals without giving advance notice and the opportunity and support to improve the alleged performance deficiency?


Salary Compensation Benchmarks

Starting Salary             Maximum Salary           Years to Reach Maximum Salary         Career Earnings


Career Earnings

1. Does this district have a defined salary progression that is fair and objective?

2. Are all teachers able to earn the maximum pay?

3. Are teacher pay increases dependent on student test scores?


Job Security and Fair Treatment

1. Before firing or pursuing contract non-renewals, does this district always give teachers with alleged performance deficiencies advance notice of those deficiencies and the opportunity and support to improve?

2. Does this district have a seniority based layoff policy?

3. Does this district have a seniority based recall procedure for laid off teachers?

4.  Does this district have a "just cause" standard for teacher discipline, non-renewal, and termination?

5.  Does this district allow teachers to appeal teacher discipline, non-renewal, and termination decisions to an impartial arbitrator or judge?


Teacher Workload and Educator Effectiveness Requirements

1. Does this district provide paid in-service time and support for teachers to complete District and State required Educator Accountability requirements?

2. Since Act 10, has this district increased the length of the contracted teacher workday without additional compensation?

3. Since Act 10, has this district increased the number of required teacher workdays in the contracted school year?

4. Since Act 10, has this district made significant changes to teacher health insurance, including significantly increasing premium share, increasing co-pays or deductibles, or decreasing coverage?

5. Since Act 10, has this district reduced or eliminated retirement benefits promised to teachers as an incentive for remaining in the district during their entire career?


Educator Effectiveness Workload Comparison  (Wisconsin requires that teachers complete 1 SLO and 1 PPG each year)


District Required SLO's (year)           District Required PPG's (year)            Length of Full Evaluation Cycle for Experienced Teachers (years)


Whew!!! That is a LOT of information to collect and maintain about each school district.  We came to the conclusion that we would NEVER get that much information for every district page on this website, so we are going to start creating and publishing district pages with the information that we have, and add new information as it becomes available.

Most of the initial District Information pages wil be from school districts in southeastern Wisconsin, but we hope to receive information from YOU to develop District Information pages for school districts across Wisconsin.

If YOU would like to see your favorite school district on this District Information page, here's how you can make that happen. Please send information about the district to our research team at [email protected].  Our research team also needs the supporting evidence for your information. Common examples of supporting evidence include employee handbooks, final collective bargaining agreements, emails from district administrators, school board handouts, etc.....

In your email to our research team, please reference specific page numbers where the information is corroborated in the evidence document. As interesting as it is to read Employee Handbooks, members of our research team would prefer to not have to read every employee handbook in Wisconsin in order to fact-check information provided for this website.

Thank you for your assistance in making this website the most authoritive and complete resource of the changes to teachers' lives and careers as as a result of Act 10. We hope that both current and future teachers will find the information on the District Information pages most helpful in making informed decisions regarding their teaching career.


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