Wisconson Teacher Salaries drop to 33rd in the Nation

Our research team evaluated how every Wisconsin school district has treated it's teachers since Act 10 began in July 2011. 

Learn why at least 90% of Wisconsin school districts offer little more than "Dead End" Teaching Jobs.

What Happened?

Since 2011, Wisconsin Teachers Have Endured:

  • Greatest Decline in Teacher Salaries in America 
  • Vicious Republican Anti-Teacher Attacks & Laws Designed to Hurt Teachers
  • Benefit Cuts & Skyrocketing Insurance Co-pays
  • Probationary Teacher Forever: Zero Job Security
  • Massive State Required Educator "Effectiveness" Paperwork Every Year
  •  Layoffs of the Most Experienced Teachers

With a Nationwide Teacher Shortage, What's Keeping YOU in Wisconsin 

Former Wisconsin Teacher's Message

Leaving the terrible working conditions caused by Act 10 was the 1st step to regain this teacher's love of teaching!

From 2010 to 2020, in her former Wisconsin school district the West Allis-West Milwaukee schools, the Average Teacher Salary increased by only $38 !!  During the Same Period, the Superintendent's Salary increased by $28,699!!

In 2022-2023, the West Allis-West Milwaukee school district has the LOWEST average teacher salary in Milwaukee County at $56,095. From 2011 to the 2022-2023 school year, the average teacher salary increased by only 7.4%, FAR below the inflation rate of 26.3%!

Now teaching in Spokane, WA, Ms. Bina enjoys the benefit of a fair and objective career salary system where ALL teachers are able to achieve the highest salary levels. Here is a table with a few benchmark salary levels for Spokane teachers:

A beginning Spokane teacher would earn $56,210 (which is a higher salary than the average teacher in the West Allis-West Milwaukee school district earned in the 2022-23 school year. A Spokane teacher with 7 years of experience and a Bachelor degree would earn $67,800. That same teacher would earn $78,916 with a Masters degree. All Spokane teachers earn FAR more than their counterparts in the West Allis-West Milwaukee school district (and most Wisconsin school districts).

After teaching 18 years in Wisconsin, moving to Spokane in 2014 was an excellent career move for Ms. Bina. 

We hope that our website provides the necessary information to help talented Wisconsin teachers find a better future in a state where teachers are valued and compensated accordingly.