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The Brown Deer School district is located in the northern part of Milwaukee County.

Once an excellent school district in which to work in, since the implementation of Act 10 in July 2011 the Brown Deer school district has quickly become one of the 60 WORST districts in Wisconsin in which to be a teacher.

Led by a ruthless anti-teacher Superintendent, Dr. Kerr, average teacher pay in Brown Deer has actually fallen by $1688 during the past decade, along with substantial benefit cuts and increased co-pays for insurance. With an inflation rate of 17.04%, spending power has declined over 20% for the average Brown Deer teacher since 2011, while Superintendent Kerr has enjoyed a 23% pay increase over the same time period. 

Once a career destination district for teachers, in 2021 Brown Deer is a district that good teachers flee FROM, with a high level of teacher turnover. Teaching and working conditions inside the Brown Deer school district declined so significantly in the immediate years after Act 10,  that in 2013 Governor Scott Walker recognized the Brown Deer School district and Superintendent Kerr for "a job well done" in using Act 10 to cut teacher salaries, benefits, and increase workload and effectively reduce teaching to a "Dead End Job" in the Brown Deer School district.

Like most Wisconsin Superintendents who have relentlessly cut teacher compensation and benefits, the Brown Deer School Board has lavishly awarded pay increases to Dr. Kerr.  While average teacher pay declined by $1688 since 2011, Superintendent Kerr's pay increased by $33,011.

We urge all teachers to be extremely wary of pursuing employment in the Brown Deer School district as there are many school districts that offer far better compensation and working conditions than the Brown Deer school district. 

By constantly cutting  teacher pay and benefits since 2011, while lavishing pay increases on administrative personnel, the Brown Deer school district has made a conscious choice to be a revolving door for teachers who stay only a few years before leaving for better opportunities offered in many other school districts.

If you have the option, why not work for a good school district right away?

Salary Comparison

2010-2011 Average Teacher Salary2019-2020 Average Teacher Salary2010-2011 Superintendent Salary2019-2020 Superintendent Salary
1. Before deciding to non-renew or terminate a teacher, this district always gives significant advance notice of any deficiencies and the opportunity and support to improve their performance

Additional Information Regarding This School District: 

 The Brown Deer school district is located in Milwaukee County, one of the most ethically diverse, demcratic voting counties in Wisconsin. Thoughout the pandemic, citizens in most Milwaukee County communities followed state health guidelines designed to curb the spread of Covid19.  

No matter what your political beliefs, you can find a community inside Milwaukee County where you will be comfortable living in and your political beliefs accepted and respected. 


Health Insurance Comparison (lowest cost plan) - Family

Wisconsin Governor % Walker 2018Presidential Election % Trump 2016Presidential Election % Trump 2020
31% Walker 201829%Trump 201629% Trump 2020

Comparison of Average Teacher Pay versus Superintendent Pay

Average Teacher Pay% ChangeSuperintendent Pay% Change
$1688 pay cut3% decrease$33,011 raise23% increase


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